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One person can move a car

Life Daily, October 16 News: On the 16th, the Jinan City Public Security Bureau organized an open day for police camps throughout the city, opening 57 visit points. The reporter saw in the traffic police brigade that many citizens came to visit, and the first appearance of the portable car shifter attracted attention.
With this portable vehicle shifter, one person can remove vehicles weighing less than 2.5 tons.
The shifter includes a metal frame with four moving small wheels and a metal rod; the metal frame is provided with two iron arms with adjustable width. "The width between the two iron arms can be freely adjusted according to the tires of different vehicles."
The two iron arms of the portable mover are clamped to the car tires, and then the hollow metal rod is put on the mechanism of the metal frame, and the metal rod is pried down to lift the tires; all four portable movers are fixed After the tires are under, the car can be pushed.