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Whether the motorcycle elevator runs smoothly is a very important question

        Everyone knows that the smooth operation of the motorcycle lift is a very important issue, which is related to the personal safety of the constructors, so how can the smooth lifting of the motorcycle lift be ensured?

   Today I will tell you about the smooth running of motorcycle lift. A motorcycle elevator must be inspected at the early stage of the design. The welding parts must be firmly welded. The cylinder hydraulic station and other components must be inspected before assembly. First, check whether the oil cylinder sealing ring has oil spills. If it is sealed If the combination of ring and cylinder diameter is not tight, replace the new sealing ring, and then test whether the cylinder is running smoothly.

   After the motorcycle lift cylinder problem is solved, there is another key component that determines the smooth operation, that is, the hydraulic station. The output pressure of the hydraulic station is stable, and there is basically no problem with the smooth oil supply link. In addition to the above two points, pay attention to regular replacement of hydraulic oil, so that every link can meet the operating standards, and the motorcycle lift will naturally run smoothly.

During installation, a steel plate gasket or the like should be placed between the chassis of the anchor bolts and the foundation stone. The thickness of such steel plate gaskets should be adjusted to the appropriate degree of food use. , Can ensure the verticality of the guide rail. After the rail frame is in the vertical position, tighten the bolts on the four corners. After that, the most basic vertical adjustments must be made to the verticality of the fence door frame, and a deposit anchor bolt is also required.

   Install the motorcycle lift buffer spring, and then connect the other part of the fence that is not installed with the bolts used in the front half. Then further adjust the verticality, do a good job of tightening the bolts, and loosen the brake on the motor used inside the cage.