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What are the symptoms of a damaged engine mount pad

If the rubber engine bracket pad is damaged, it will be bad for the car. The function of the bracket rubber pad is as follows:
1. The pad is used to fix the engine and buffer the engine vibration during the driving process of the car;
2. When the engine starts to vibrate when the cold car starts and the rear gear is engaged, or the engine vibrates in some bumpy road sections during driving, it means that the rubber pads need to be replaced;
3. After replacing the rubber pad, you will find that the glue of the rubber pad is separated from the metal connection, which cannot buffer the vibration of the punching machine. Over time, the screw parts of the engine will be easily loosened due to vibration, causing driving danger;
If the bracket pad is broken, the vibration of the engine will be transmitted to the body, so that the steering wheel will feel vibration, which reduces the driving feeling.
Generally speaking, there is obvious jitter, especially when idling, which will affect the body numbness or a sense of frustration when shifting gears.