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What are the optional configurations of the lifting platform

Electric lift platforms can be used in factories, docks, construction, decoration, logistics, electricity, transportation, chemical industry, hotels, gymnasiums, industries, mining, enterprises, etc. The electric lifting platform is driven by hydraulic pressure, so it is called a hydraulic lifting platform. When purchasing a hydraulic lifting platform, enterprises should first consider factors such as the scope of use, working frequency, utilization rate, and rated lifting capacity of the enterprise, and choose an elevator that suits the working height required by the unit. In factories, automatic warehouses and other logistics systems for vertical conveying, the lifting platform is usually equipped with various flat conveying equipment as a connecting device for conveying lines of different heights. Usually, it is hydraulically driven, so it is called a hydraulic lift platform. In addition to being used to transport goods at different heights, it is also used for installation and maintenance at high altitudes.
Optional configurations of fixed lift platforms include manual hydraulic power, deflectors to facilitate overlapping with surrounding measures, movable or motorized roller tables, contact bars to prevent foot rolling, organ-type protective covers, manual or motorized turntables, Hydraulic flip table, support rod to prevent the lifting table from falling, stainless steel protective net, electric or hydraulic lifting table walking power system, hydraulic lifting platform and other equipment universal table. Car lift: The motorcycle lift is to improve the mobility of the lift. The lift table is fixed to the battery rack or truck. It receives the power of the vehicle engine to realize the lifting function of the vehicle lifting platform. To accommodate work inside and outside of high-altitude factories. Application range of car lift platform: used for high-altitude operations in hotels, buildings, airports, stations, sports fields, workshops, warehouses, etc.; it can also be used as temporary high-altitude lighting, advertising, etc. Electric lifting platforms can meet the different needs of customers, and the smooth lifting system also brings convenience to customers. In short, electric lifting platforms play an irreplaceable role in production and sales.