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Unstable voltage will affect the motor of motorcycle lift

It is very annoying to encounter various problems when using a motorcycle lift. Some problems can be solved by repairing the equipment, but some problems are more troublesome to deal with. For example, during peak power consumption periods, motorcycle lifts are likely to have erratic voltages. This instability is not harmful to the lifting freight elevator.
Unstable voltage can have frequent effects on the motor of a motorcycle lift. Unstable voltage will directly burn the motor in the power supply unit, and the consequences of the motor of the motorcycle lift are very serious. Voltage instability can be divided into three situations, namely low voltage, high voltage, and three-phase voltage instability.
When the power supply voltage is too low, the electromagnetic torque will be greatly reduced. If the load torque is not reduced, the rotor revolutions are too low. An increase in slip will overload the motor and generate heat. If the power supply voltage is too low, the service life of the motor will be affected. Caution should be exercised if the supply voltage is found to be high and the excitation current increases during motor operation.
High voltage can cause the motor to overheat. Excessive voltage can compromise the insulation of the motor and cause malfunctions. When the three-phase voltages are asymmetrical, that is, when the voltage of one phase is high or low, the current in one phase is too large, and the motor generates heat. At this point, the torque will be reduced and the sound will be "on the ear". Winding can be damaged over time.
In order to increase the unstable voltage of the motorcycle lift, a larger transformer needs to be installed. In order to reduce the occurrence of safety accidents, the use of motorcycle lifts should ensure the stability of the working voltage and reduce the occurrence of safety accidents.
Motorcycle lift is a kind of multi-functional lifting and loading mechanical equipment, which is more common in factory buildings, warehouses and industrial production. It is driven by hydraulic pressure and can be customized according to the actual requirements of users. Although the mechanical equipment is rarely used after long-term use, if some precautions are taken when using the elevator freight platform equipment, the failure frequency of the motorcycle lift can be effectively reduced.
If the failure of the motorcycle lift is effectively reduced, it is very important that the quality of the motorcycle lift itself is correct. Users only need to find an officially qualified manufacturer to ensure the quality and safety of the equipment as much as possible. The second is to start with the operator's understanding of the equipment. Users need correct operation methods in the process of designing, manufacturing, installing, transforming, repairing, maintaining and using motorcycle lifts from a safe and practical point of view. Come find out. Provide operators with safety knowledge and operational skills through education and training.