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The safety measures of motorcycle lifts mainly come from two aspects

The safety measures of motorcycle lifts mainly come from two aspects: on the one hand, measures are taken from design and manufacturing to improve the safety and technical characteristics of automobile lifts; on the other hand, measures are taken from design and manufacturing. On the other hand, strict operating procedures should be followed during maintenance to ensure that the elevator can operate normally under good technical conditions. Now explain and post. Many technologies in the world, such as automatically controlled photoelectric switches, have been widely used in the design of various safety devices. Therefore, according to product characteristics, advanced and reliable modern safety technology should be actively used in the design and manufacture of motorcycle lifts.
The structure of motorcycle lift is divided into mechanical structure part and electrical equipment part. When both components meet the explosion-proof performance requirements, an explosion-proof certificate can be obtained. Although the factory has type test and explosion-proof certificate, but in actual use. Its comprehensive explosion-proof safety performance will be affected by the installation, maintenance and use environment.
There are a variety of contaminants in the hydraulic oil of motorcycle lift systems, including solid particles, water, air, and harmful chemicals. The main causes of pollution are external and internal causes. The external cause refers to the moisture content of the solid magazine box. Other oil and air enter the system. The internal causes are the wear of moving parts and the physical and chemical properties of the hydraulic oil, as well as contamination from the original new oil.
In the working state of the motorcycle lift, because the large load of the working state is not many times, and the value is very large, the whole or part of the hydraulic platform is unstable, the strength is unstable, the mechanical parts and metal structures are damaged, and the rigidity is insufficient , poor braking, emergency stop, etc. lead to hydraulic lift failure.
In the working or non-working state of the motorcycle lift, due to various special loads that may occur, for example, shock loads caused by falling objects, shock loads caused by buffers, shock loads caused by abnormal heavy rain and long The shock of time, the long distance transportation caused by transportation. load, installation load, temperature load, etc. will cause the whole or part of the platform to be damaged,