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The reasons for the skew of the lifting platform

Lifting platform is a popular professional lifting equipment on the market, which can work people and goods at a straight height. During the operation of the equipment, sometimes the aerial work lifting platform is skewed. In order to ensure the safe and stable operation of the aerial work lifting platform, the skew phenomenon of the aerial work lifting channel will not occur again. It is necessary to find out the cause and repair it, so what is the reason for this phenomenon? The following will introduce the cause analysis and treatment method of the skew of the lifting platform.
Because the one-way throttle valve of the aerial work lifting platform needs to be installed on the branch of the lifting system, the force should be evenly distributed to the hydraulic system on both sides, and it is necessary to control two performances on one oil circuit through a one-way throttle valve. Hydraulic cylinder, and the left hydraulic lifting mechanism is equipped with a certain pin device, which is slightly larger than the right side in terms of working load. When the lifting channel is working, the left and right hydraulic cylinders of the lifting channel are under the same oil pressure because of different loads. The lifting rate of the hydraulic cylinders on both sides will also be inconsistent to varying degrees. In this case, it is easy to cause the skew of the lifting platform, and even the electrode will be broken.
Through the analysis of the reasons, it can be seen that if a one-way throttle valve is used to control two hydraulic cylinders with different loads on an oil circuit at the same time, it is the key to causing the tilt of the lifting platform. If the oil inlet and outlet are separated before entering the hydraulic cylinder Add 4 pipe-type one-way throttle valves. Remove the one-way throttle valve on the branch, so that the lifting speed of the two hydraulic cylinders can be adjusted separately, so that the lifting speed of the lifting platform can reach the effect of the same frequency resonance, and the lifting platform can be leveled under the working state. smooth rise and fall.