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The protection that electric lifting channels usually need to do

1. According to the operating instructions, ensure that the electric lifting channel is checked and lubricated every day.
2. Make sure that the pinion gear and the pressure roller are firmly fastened on the drive base plate, and check the bolt fixing condition of the drive base plate together.
3. Check the braking torque of the brake, refer to the instruction manual for brake braking torque inspection requirements.
4. Check the oil level of the reducer and make up for new oil if necessary.
5. Check the interlocking equipment of the cage door and the fence door, and the safety protection switches such as the up and down travel.
6. Check the safety interlocking equipment of all departments of the cage.
7. Check whether the orientation of the upper and lower limit blocks of the rail frame is correct.
8. Check the cable protection of the cable guide frame.
9. Check the relative orientation between the cable support wall and the cable guide.
10. Check all the standard sections and the connection points of the diagonal support. Check the fastening bolts of the rack together.
11. Insist on motor cooling fins and tissue cleaning.
12. Ensure that the power cables and electrical lines are not damaged.
13. Regarding the construction hoist with counterweight, check the adjustment and fixation of the counterweight guide wheel. Check the equalizing equipment of the wire rope, the sky wheel and the counterweight wire rope bracket.
14. Check the fastening of the brackets, struts, bolts and buckles between the electric lifting channels and the bridges, and the loose displacement should be checked and tightened.