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The motorcycle lift has a very safe and reasonable leakage protection design

The safety content of motorcycle lift is understood by every operator. In the safe operation of the lifting equipment, the overall safety effect of the motorcycle lift is well recognized. First of all, overloading during the use of a motorcycle lift is a very dangerous behavior. Generally, it is designed to prevent overload and adopt a very safe design. There is no need to worry about such problems during use.

In addition, considering the safer application, the motorcycle lift is also ideal in switching and adopts the multi-limit operation mode. In terms of electricity, it also adopts a very reasonable treatment method. The power supply is turned off to ensure safety during use. Due to the safe operation, the motorcycle lift has a very safe leakage protection design.

The motorcycle lift is a machine for carrying people. Reliability is very important, especially the emergency stop system. It is related to many links. After the power failure stops, which link has problems can be found and solved in time. This method can be designed to improve the weak links, promote the problems in the process and manufacturing, and promote the quality of aerial vehicles.

The engines of aerial vehicles are divided into two categories: gasoline engines and diesel engines. It is relatively simple and reliable to turn off the gasoline engine by cutting off the ignition power supply. Diesel engines usually use methods such as closing fuel oil supply and preventing cylinder suction, and need to be able to produce mechanical displacement. Due to the remote control characteristics of the platform, there are various types of the mechanism, which need to pass through the central rotary joint. The mechanic's flameout mechanism cannot be applied.

The hydraulic platform shall be equipped with an emergency stop device and placed in the emergency position of the operator. In case of misoperation, the equipment can effectively cut off the requirements of all power systems. All forklift trucks are equipped with emergency stop system. There are two ways to realize emergency stop: one is to unload the solenoid valve to realize hydraulic unloading and cut off the power oil source; The other is to shut down the engine and cut off the power supply of the whole machine. According to different aerial work vehicles, some choose one of them, and some of them are optional. Both methods are completed by the control circuit.