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The hydraulic system of motorcycle lift shall be kept clean after assembly and before operation

When installing and repairing the motorcycle lift, the connector was not tightened. When the current passes through, it may generate heat, even red, smoke, fire and wire breakage. Because of the cables used to install the motorcycle lift, the wires, switches and electrical appliances are connected through the wire posts. When careless, no gasket is placed on the terminal and the cover is not tightened. This also leads to an increase in contact resistance, resulting in the heating and melting of the conductor, and the beads falling on the lower cardboard box, causing a fire.
If the condition of the motorcycle lift connector is checked from time to time, the connector that has been running for a long time will also be loose. Some joints are of good quality during installation, but they may become loose due to thermal expansion and contraction or long-term vibration. Everyone should pay attention to the line inspection and maintenance in daily use and should not go online.
Steel wire joints do not use splicing method, but use illegal hook connection method. Hazard of hook connection: the hook connection method has high contact resistance, and continuously generates heat in the process of electrification, resulting in the gradual drying, carbonization, and combustion of nearby wood boards, causing fire.
Then the junction box of the freight hub of the motorcycle elevator was not used in time, the copper-aluminum joint was operated for a long time, the contact surface was not silvered or the joint was Wuxi, and the contact surface produced serious electrochemical corrosion, forming oxide film, which increased the resistance at the joint and easily became a hot spot; Due to the sudden change of the system, the contacts flowing through the small current will usually change suddenly, resulting in the temperature rise of the contacts. Timely use of the junction box can prevent this problem.
The insulating sleeve of the motorcycle elevator is not used, the system has a short circuit fault, and the overcurrent leads to insufficient contact or poor contact, and the fire occurs instantaneously. Contact heat is mainly caused by the increase of contact resistance.
The lift cargo elevator hydraulic system shall be kept clean after assembly and before operation. The hydraulic components must be cleaned during processing and assembly. The hydraulic system should be thoroughly cleaned after assembly and before operation. The oil used in the system operation shall be used for cleaning. In addition to the air vent (plus dust cover), the oil tank must be completely removed. Seals shall be free of burrs and burrs.
The motorcycle lift shall be kept clean during operation. The hydraulic oil will be polluted by the environment during operation. Therefore, air and water intrusion shall be prevented as much as possible during work to completely eliminate water, gas and pollutants. For people, use sealed oil tanks and add air filters at the vents to prevent dust. Abrasive and coolant intrusion, check and regularly replace the seals and capsules in the accumulator.