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Speed ​​is a critical aspect when using a motorcycle lift​

When using a motorcycle lift, the speed aspect is a very critical aspect. It needs to be properly combined with the speed aspect to allow people to see some different situations. Now people can better see such speed control itself, of course. The advantages that can be achieved are still different, and this is a good aspect that can satisfy people very well now. In this way, when considering the speed, in fact, when rationalizing the control, the advantages that can be achieved are still different. This is a good way to satisfy people now.

In the daily use of motorcycle lifts, in the face of oil leakage from the hydraulic pump cylinder, wear of the sealing ring, and low pressure of the hydraulic pump, these are the prerequisites for the wear of the hydraulic pump. In response to such problems, a series of improvements have been made to the hydraulic pump. What is the effect?

Improve the hydraulic system design of the lifting platform. After many demonstrations, the advanced priority valve and load-sensing full-hydraulic steering gear were adopted. The new system can give priority to allocating flow to it according to the steering requirements. No matter the size of the load or the speed of the steering wheel, it can ensure sufficient fuel supply, and the remaining part can be fully supplied to the working device circuit, thus eliminating the power caused by excessive fuel supply to the steering circuit. loss, improve the system efficiency, and reduce the working pressure of the hydraulic pump of the electric hydraulic lifting platform.

Optimize the design of the boom cylinder and hydraulic pump to reduce the working pressure of the lifting platform system. Through optimized calculation, the boom cylinder adopts standard series 80/4. The displacement of the hydraulic pump is increased from 10ml/r to 14ml/r, and the set pressure of the system is 14MPa, which meets the lifting force and speed requirements of the boom cylinder. During the use of the lift platform pump station, attention should also be paid to the correct use and maintenance of the loader, regularly adding or replacing hydraulic oil, maintaining the cleanliness of the hydraulic oil, and strengthening daily inspection and maintenance.

In fact, when looking at the use of motorcycle lifts, when actually paying attention to their own speed, the advantages of the control itself that can be seen by people are still different parts. Such a choice is naturally It will be in different aspects, so now when people better consider it, in fact, they can still achieve a good advantage in terms of speed.

Of course, considering the current situation of people using motorcycle lifts, and paying attention to the speed control method, it can properly and well satisfy people and better exert their good advantages, so this is the difference that people see now. When considering the speed itself, it will naturally be the most different situation that satisfies people now.

After all, when people see such a speed now, they need to understand that the speed is a very critical model. When consumers better consider it, of course, such a selective advantage will be is a different choice.