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Some safety measures to be aware of when using a motorcycle lift

The hydraulic system of the motorcycle lift must be addressed. The design of the hydraulic drive system is an important part of the elevator. It must meet all the technical requirements required for the function of the hydraulic motorcycle lift, with good static and dynamic performance, high efficiency, safety and reliability, and simple structure. Economical, easy to use and maintain. To this end, it is necessary to clarify the principles of determining the parameters of the motorcycle lift in relation to the hydraulic drive system. It is necessary to comprehensively consider the overall design of the lift platform to match the machine, electricity and liquid to ensure the overall performance of the motorcycle lift.

According to the working conditions of the hydraulic lifting platform, the hydraulic drive system must solve the following problems: to ensure smooth operation, the heavy load of the lifting platform, the machining and installation errors of the mechanical transmission parts and the eccentric load of the worktable, which will lead to hydraulic pressure. Motor loads vary widely, and the hydraulic system must be able to overcome the effect of load changes on speed and ensure that the mechanism runs smoothly without shocks. Since two hydraulic motors are used to drive the four cylinders each, the hydraulic system must ensure that the equipment has a high level. Synchronous control accuracy; inertial impact caused by working load and frame self-weight when moving speed changes; weight loss caused by reverse load during descent must be controlled, especially for large equipment, it is extremely dangerous once it is out of control.

According to the safety production regulations formulated by relevant domestic departments and the company's product safety requirements, motorcycle lift equipment will consider many safety factors when designing and producing new or special products. From design to actual production, the company installs the product. Various feeding parts ensure safe use, here are some safety measures to share with you when using a motorcycle lift.

Security lock. In fact, the use of safety locks is not very wide, and most small and medium hydraulic lifting equipment do not have such accessories. The safety lock can effectively solve the problems caused by various motorcycle lift accidents, which is very good. As with large tonnage motorcycle lifts, protection requires the installation of such accessories.

Explosion-proof valve. The main function is to prevent the lifting equipment from falling after the hydraulic oil pipe bursts, which can effectively prevent the oil circuit from blocking the oil pipe, ensure that the lifting equipment is not affected, and improve the safety of the equipment. wind rope. Not much is used, and there are many outdoor aerial work with a basic height of 12 meters or more. It is an appendix for the stability of fixed lifting equipment.

The use of various auxiliary components significantly increases the cost of our products, but these sacrifices are worthwhile to ensure safe production for our customers. Therefore, it is a wise choice for customers to choose an old company with quality assurance.