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Some faults during the use of the motorcycle lift need to be dealt with in time

Motorcycle lifts are now indispensable construction machines, not only for large construction sites but also for home improvement. However, due to the simple structure and small size of the elevator in the home, there are often some faults, so what are the common faults of the motorcycle lift and some treatment methods.

Several Common Faults and Treatment Methods of Motorcycle Lifts

1. Because ordinary families do not have an accurate grasp of the use of the motorcycle lift, they want to pull anything regardless of the load, which will cause the motorcycle lift to break continuously during long-term use, because the steel wire rope is wound by dozens of wires, generally For example, it will not break all at once, and it will be intermittent, so people will not pay attention to the day when the steel rope completely breaks.

2. Gear sliding

In fact, this question often comes up too. If you know mechanics, you'll use the earthy method of throwing a lump of dirt between the gears, which increases the friction of the gears. The reason for the gear sliding is that the object is too heavy, and the strength of the gear cannot lift the weight of the object, which can easily cause the gear to slip, but don't worry, just find a slightly larger gear to replace.

3. Power trip

When using a motorcycle lift, tripping is a common occurrence. This is because the elevator needs to consume a very strong voltage when it is working. General household production lines do not meet engineering standards, so the production lines should be rearranged when in use. Or take another line from uptown so you don't trip. If it's serious, it's not as simple as tripping. It could burn the entire line, so these measures must be taken.

These are common faults of motorcycle lifts. If these failures occur during use, they must be dealt with in time to avoid affecting use.