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Several major problems of motorcycle lifting platform

Motorcycle lifting platform is a common lifting equipment with the largest number of conventional motorcycle lifts and the largest output. It is also one of the most widely used motorcycle lifting equipment at present. According to the summary of lift equipment problems that our company has collected in recent years, we can summarize several major problems that often occur on the motorcycle lifting platform.

Table tilt is the most likely problem of motorcycle lifting platform, especially mobile motorcycle lifting platform. The reasons for the tilt of the table can be divided into two categories: human and product defects. Human factors are mainly due to the failure to pay attention to daily use and operate in accordance with the prescribed methods, resulting in various problems of the lifting platform, which we will not mention for the time being.

The second factor is caused by the defects of the lifting platform itself and the loss after use:
1. The oil cylinder is seriously damaged. The uneven damage of the inner sealing ring or the obstruction in it can easily cause uneven stress and uneven lifting height of the oil cylinder. It is recommended to carefully check whether the oil cylinder is normal.
2. There is foreign matter inside the oil delivery pipe, which causes uneven stress of hydraulic oil delivery, and uneven table surface. It is recommended to carefully check whether the oil delivery pipe is smooth.
3. The production size of the support rod is inconsistent, which is the quality defect of the lifting platform equipment itself. It is recommended to contact the manufacturer for replacement, which has a low probability.
4. The middle rotating shaft of the support rod is inconsistent, resulting in the lifting platform can not work normally, the platform is seriously damaged, and the table is tilted, please check carefully

General elevators are put into the market without strict tilt detection before leaving the factory, resulting in many accidents. For tilt detection, most small enterprises are not very concerned about the detection of this link, which is why there are so many lifting equipment with this problem. The problems of oil cylinder and power unit system are often the problems of insufficient power and unqualified oil cylinder quality, which are also very important for the enterprise itself.