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Pay attention to some key points when using the motorcycle lift for the first time

Motorcycle lifts are often used as lifts for large and heavy cargo transport. Many lift manufacturers focus on railway production. When customers use the elevator they buy, they should pay attention to some problems. We'll tell you a lot about it now
Before use, check the fuel tank of the motorcycle lift. If the hydraulic oil in the tank is insufficient, the lift will not increase and the power will not be available. The lift of motorcycle lift is usually operated by electric box. The elevator must check the electric box before use. If the electric box is OK, it can start working.
The first two items seem very brief, but many customers will selectively ignore them and conduct more inspections. Then it is important to check the chain. Check the tightness of the chain, operating conditions, whether there is any lack of lubricating oil, whether the chain is separated from the sprocket, and whether the support plate is loose.

Motorcycle lift can help to reach a specific location, widely used in life and loved by customers. As a lifting tool, the maintenance of cargo elevator is very important. Describe its maintenance steps:

1. Check all hydraulic pipes and joints. The pipes shall not be damaged, the joints shall not be loose, and all joints shall be tightened.
2. Remove and disassemble the elevator cargo elevator lowering valve, blow the plunger with compressed air, and then install and reinstall it.
3. Handle the hydraulic oil. Outdoor motorcycle lift, tighten the joint and take out the oil filter. After washing, clean it with compressed air, and then put it back into the water tank and connect the pipe.
4. Replace with new oil and do not use the old oil intermittently, otherwise the moving parts in the system will accelerate wear.