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OEM Car Wheel Dolly

Wheel dollies are specifically made for garage work to help secure auto body parts. They also have the capacity to move heavy loads around easily and safely.

They have a hydraulic unit that lifts the load and repositions it in any direction. They are available in various models with different weight capacities.

Hydraulic Unit
The Hydraulic Unit of an OEM Car Wheel Dolly provides the power needed to move heavy loads. It consists of a telescoping mainframe and casters on each end. The dolly's hydraulic system actuates to provide smooth, positive power for the removal and installation of single, tandem, and triple-axle wheel assemblies.

Place the hydraulic unit upright on a hard, level surface. Pump the handle between 6 to 8 full strokes to help release any trapped air in the reservoir.

NEVER load this device with more than the weight of the wheel assembly to be removed. ENSURE that the vehicle is securely positioned and supported by a pair of appropriately rated jack stands!

Follow the vehicle manufacturers recommended removal and installation procedures for tire, wheel, hub, or axle assemblies as needed.

Restraining Chain
The Restraining Chain of an OEM Car Wheel Dolly is a device that works in conjunction with the Hydraulic Unit to ensure that the wheel load does not fall off while moving. It also helps in ensuring that the load stays on the dolly throughout the journey.

This is a great tool for moving loads of different types from one place to another without compromising on its durability. It is made of tough materials such as stainless steel that allows it to withstand the weight and resist corrosion.

When assembling this system, make sure that it is properly lubricated. You can do this by draining the reservoir to the right level and lubricating all the moving parts. It is also a good idea to check the release valve and tighten it before using it.

Lifting Arms
The wheel dolly is a versatile piece of equipment that can be used for a wide range of applications. Aside from transporting heavy items, it also helps in repositioning the vehicle for service and repairs. To be on the safe side, a wheel dolly should always be secured to the chassis of the vehicle it is intended to move around with its cargo in tow. In addition, a wheel dolly should never be left unattended in a garage or parking lot as the weight can cause serious injury to anyone not wearing protective clothing and equipment.

The most useful component of any car wheel dolly is the battery-operated hydraulic pump that moves the lifting platform up and down in the air. The lift is aided by two ball bearing caster wheels that make for easy maneuvering, particularly when the job involves moving a heavy vehicle around with its cargo in tow.

Frame Tilt Handles
Frame tilt handles allow you to adjust the frame of the OEM Car Wheel Dolly to different angles. This allows you to move the load more easily and efficiently without affecting its stability.

Using the Frame Tilt Handles is very easy and straightforward. You can easily install them to the lifting frame with the supplied 1/2-13 x 1 hex bolts and nuts.

The hydraulic lift arms handle wheel assemblies up to 52 inches. This model is designed for the removal, installation and transportation of single and tandem tire and wheel combinations found on trucks, vans, and trailers.

Before operating the wheel dolly, follow all instructions carefully and recognize any hazards associated with its use. Apply the load as close to the vertical position of the lifting member as possible and secure it with a load restraint device before moving.

An OEM Car Wheel Dolly has a number of different parts that work together to lift and move the load. These include the hydraulic unit, restraining chain and lifting arms.

The wheels are caster-style, which allows them to turn at different angles or around corners easily. They also have ball bearings that make them smooth to operate.

They can hold up to 4,000 pounds of total vehicle weight, which is much more than most other car dollies. They also accommodate wider tires.

The casters on these dollies are made of tough stainless steel, which makes them strong enough to handle heavy loads without sacrificing durability. They also have brakes that allow you to safely move the load from one place to another.