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Motorcycle lifts can exert a good pressure-holding effect through the solenoid valve

Motorcycle lifts have won high praise from customers for their large carrying capacity and long service life. Aside from usage, any type of tool is more important for maintenance and upkeep. Only in this way can the cost performance be maximized in long-term use, especially for this kind of machine.
The sliding of a motorcycle lift refers to the automatic landing of the lift platform immediately after lifting and stopping, and it is impossible to maintain pressure. What caused this failure? Let us analyze it from the following aspects.
1. First check whether the hydraulic cylinder, oil pipe and valve block of the hydraulic station leak oil. Hydraulic cylinders are mainly used to check the exhaust holes and the upper edge of the cylinder. If an oil leak occurs in these two places, the cylinder seal will be damaged. The main purpose of the pipeline is to check whether the joint is leaking oil. The motorcycle lift valve block is mainly used to check the connection with the valve block. Any oil spill in any of the above areas of the motorcycle lift will cause the lift platform to slide down.
2. Secondly, check whether the solenoid valve on the hydraulic pump station is damaged. If the indicator light of the solenoid valve is always on during the lifting process of the motorcycle lift, it means that it cannot be locked back to the oil circuit in the event of failure. If this is the case, then the motorcycle lift does not go up too high and the landing is easy to distinguish failures.
3. Check again whether the safety valve has any fault that causes its low pressure overflow to return to the fuel tank, causing the slide rail to rise and fall. This failure rate is low, but not easy to find. If you rule out the above two reasons, you need to check here.
4. There are two factors that are prone to railway load. The bearing capacity is large and the control system is complicated. First, the motorcycle lift goes up to the stop limit switch, so that the electronic control system immediately sends a descending signal, which makes the lift platform slide down. Can't stop. This usually happens on upgraded freight elevators with electronic control systems. Second, heavy-duty motorcycle lifts sometimes add solenoid ball valves that control the descent of the hydraulic system. Motorcycle lifts can exert a good pressure-holding effect through solenoid valves, but they require extremely high-purity hydraulic oil.