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Motorcycle lift is safe and has super load capacity

The development of motorcycle elevators is at a peak. Because most manufacturers or individuals choose more multi-storey buildings to improve the utilization of the site, a device is also needed to facilitate the lifting and lowering of goods. Due to the high cost and low bearing capacity of ordinary elevators, they are not suitable for loading tens or hundreds of tons of goods, so a hydraulic motorcycle elevator with high bearing capacity has been developed to assist production and cargo transportation. Motorcycle elevators are safe, have super large load capacity, and are easy to maintain, which makes this special industry develop faster.

Motorcycle lifts are usually used for cargo transportation and play an important role in cargo transportation. The lifting direction is usually vertical, so if the elevator cannot rise, it will have a great impact on the production process. Only by finding the reason why the lift does not rise can we solve the problem purposefully.

Then, what is the reason why the motorcycle lift equipment cannot rise?
Through inspection, it is found that the motorcycle elevator will not rise due to electrical reasons, such as the wrong phase of the power line and the lack of some protective devices for the equipment itself, so the elevator cannot operate normally. In addition, damage to electrical components may also cause the hydraulic system to fail to work properly. The main performance is different equipment upgrades.

It may also be caused by the damage of the emergency stop button, rising limit or limit limit, so the total power contactor of the elevator or the contactor controlling the motor operation cannot be sucked in. In this state, the equipment rises and becomes very difficult.

Based on the above analysis, we can look at the specific reasons why the motorcycle lift equipment cannot rise when it is used in work, and then take reasonable maintenance measures for the existing problems.