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Make sure to check before using the motorcycle lift

The appearance of the motorcycle lift is basically in the actual inspection process, and there are more or less own inspection methods, but all production and platforms will have different inspection methods in the inspection process to ensure that they can be inspected. The safety and the whole motorcycle lift will be in good working condition throughout the production process, so be sure to check the relevant conditions before use.

1. Carry out all work according to the original load, and pay attention when checking the motorcycle lift. Don't overload it. In case of special emergency, all overloads shall not exceed 10.

2. If you find that the working pressure of these motorcycle elevators is relatively high or the sound is abnormal, you should stop the inspection immediately to ensure that the entire equipment will not be damaged during production.

3. Do not perform these tasks without any safety barriers.

4. During the actual operation of the motorcycle lift, the motorcycle lift is in the rising position and cannot be moved and lifted. If the motorcycle lift must be opened when working, it is basically prohibited to use it strongly on the whole platform. Shake.

5. In addition, during the whole working process of the motorcycle lift platform, there will be various lifting operations. It is impossible to carry out any real-time work on the workbench. Even the platform will have its own guarantees. These are very important. After all, they will have their own lifting standards.