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Maintenance misunderstandings of motorcycle lifts

When the motorcycle lift is working normally, there should be no dust or smoldering. Therefore, after using the equipment for a period of time, the equipment must be lubricated. According to the survey, in the actual situation, there are misunderstandings about the lubrication of equipment and the replacement of sealing rings. This requires recognizing the maintenance misconceptions of motorcycle lifts and allowing equipment to be implemented.
1: More lubrication
Most people don't think adding more lubricant will harm the equipment. This is not the case. The structure and use of the mechanical operating components of a motorcycle lift determine the amount of fuel. Usually, there are clear regulations and requirements in the instruction manual of the equipment. It should be supplemented according to the instruction manual of the equipment, oil gauge or oil gauge, windows, etc. Adding too much lubricant is not good for mechanical equipment.
Two: After adding lubricating oil, proceed quickly
Strictly speaking: this is an error in conceptual understanding. Only fuel can be directly involved in the work. Motorcycle lift lubricating oil is mainly used to add lubricating oil to the friction pairs that move each other to fill the concave and convex areas, and maintain a lubricating oil film of corresponding thickness, which can separate the surfaces of the friction pairs from each other. Reduces friction, reduces wear, and allows for cooling and sealing.
Three: The sealing ring model is good and can be used directly
When replacing the sealing ring, the hydraulic system of the motorcycle lift needs to be opened first, and it needs to be cleaned strictly to prevent impurities and dirty oil from entering the system. When installing, you need to use special tools to prevent scratches on sharp metal edges and fingernails. It is much more difficult to disengage the seal ring directly from the threaded portion of the component. In special cases it is necessary to make a simple installation tool or wrap the threaded locations with plastic wrap.
If the hydraulic oil contains impurities that are easily blocked by the ball valve, it will not lock the oil circuit and cause the oil to return. This is what we usually call an internal leak. This type of failure usually causes the lift platform to slow down slowly, but it also affects its normal use. Such failures are often prone to occur on motorcycle lifts with larger work surfaces.