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Maintaining the hydraulic system of motorcycle lift is an important step in daily maintenance

The working environment of motorcycle elevators is good or bad. For example, in a dusty construction site, it will inevitably be invaded by foreign impurities. What can be prevented?
When cleaning the hydraulic system, it is necessary to remove the impurities left in the connector, and then take away the impurities in the system with large flow. Flush it several times to ensure that it is clean. After washing, clean the filter and replace it with a new one. Add new oil to the filter element.
When refueling, clean the refueling tools. It is not necessary to increase the oil filling speed and keep the filter at the oil filler. To prevent solid intrusion.
Conclusion: Maintaining the hydraulic system of the motorcycle lift is an important step in daily maintenance. At the same time, it can reduce the hydraulic system failure, improve the efficiency of high-altitude operation, extend the service life and ensure the operation safety. Therefore, perform maintenance on the hydraulic system to prevent the intrusion of impurities. Work should be done with caution.
Motorcycle elevator is a device that can be used for lifting operation, which is composed of hydraulic mechanism, electric control mechanism, traveling mechanism and support mechanism. Due to the complexity of the structure and principle of the hydraulic motorcycle lift, we have many preventive measures in the process of using the hydraulic motorcycle lift. The following is a brief introduction to the precautions for motorcycle elevators during work.
1. If the motorcycle lift parts are found to be overheated during operation, continue to work after troubleshooting.
2. Regularly check whether all parts of the motorcycle lift are connected normally. If there is any loose problem, tighten it.
3. Check the brake frequently and adjust it accordingly to keep the friction surface clean.
4. The motorcycle lift and lubrication of all parts of hydraulic oil shall be operated as required.
5. The inspection of wire rope is particularly important. If there is any problem, replace it immediately.
6. If the machine is noisy during operation, please stop and check the fault.