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Introduction to the types of jacks

There are two main types of common truck jacks, one is a rack jack and the other is a screw jack. The common feature of these two is small size, small footprint, suitable for placing in the trunk of the car
Rack jacks are generally divided into two types: herringbone structure and diamond structure.
1. Herringbone structure jack
The rack jack of this structure has a relatively low load-bearing capacity, so it is mainly equipped on small vehicles. This herringbone jack does not look very reliable. It is also not very reassuring to use in small cars, so it is not common.
2. Diamond-shaped jack
Its support structure is more reliable than the herringbone jack, and most of the family cars are equipped with this type, which is relatively common. Generally speaking, only the materials and sizes are different, and the methods of use are the same.
screw jack
The screw jack is self-locking by its own threaded structure to support the vehicle. Its supporting weight is much greater than that of rack jacks. However, the lifting efficiency of this kind of jack is slow and the falling is fast. When using it, there is no rack jack for worry-free use. Special attention should be paid to the safety of use.
How to use car jacks
When using the jack, pay attention to the following points:
secure the vehicle
Before using the jack to jack up the vehicle, we need to fix the vehicle first to avoid being unstable after being jacked up and smashing down and hurting people.
Be sure to place the car on a hard, flat road
First of all, it is best to park on a hard and flat road. If it is not fixed firmly, it will cause car damage and personal injury.
Then turn off the car, put the automatic gear in P, and pull the handbrake. Put the handbrake in first gear or reverse gear. Because the handbrake can only provide braking force to the rear wheel, the engine can brake when the gear is engaged, and the front wheel will not slide, which is more secure.