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How is the working principle of common motorcycle lifts different from other lifts

Motorcycle lift is a closed or semi-closed platform, which can be used to download people or goods motorcycle lift in the vertical direction. Literally, including many types of elevators, construction motorcycle lifts, hydraulic motorcycle lifts and elevators should also belong to this category. The lifting platform refers to the multifunctional loading and unloading device. On the lifting platform, it includes a motorcycle lift, but in the main crane lifting equipment, a small lifting platform, such as the scissors lifting platform, belongs to the lifting platform.

Differences in principle
The construction motorcycle elevator adopts a modular structure, because it is used in the construction process, and the elevator is constantly transferred with the construction project, and its structure is easy to disassemble and assemble. For example, after using the site, dismantle the elevator and transport it to another place for reassembly and continued use. The main structure of the construction motorcycle lift is independent and has low dependence on the building. It uses a forced drive and a drive device is installed on the cage. Through the gear and rack transmission system, the two cooperate with each other to realize the rise and fall of the elevator.

Generally, elevators used in residential and commercial buildings work differently from building elevators. Most elevator components are fixed on the building, and the main load is borne by the building. Its up and down movement is realized by wire rope. There is a car in the elevator assembly and a counterweight on the other side, which is connected by wire rope. The wire rope is driven by the drive device in the elevator machine room, which makes the elevator car and counterweight move up and down on the guide rail in the hoistway.

It is different from safety equipment
The construction motorcycle lift is equipped with safety equipment, such as overload prevention, fall prevention and limit device. For example, in the elevator, there is a device for detecting the weight, and once the weight in the car exceeds the specified range, the elevator cannot start. Generally speaking, the descending speed of the elevator is also within the specified range. Among them, if the falling speed of the equipment detecting the running speed exceeds the normal value, the relevant equipment will give feedback, directly cut off the power supply, and force the cage to stop running. This can prevent accidents. In addition, the setting in the elevator strictly limits its travel.

There are many common measures for elevator safety, such as weight, speed, position, status and other monitoring measures, which require higher requirements and are relatively more accurate. There is an important structure at the bottom of the elevator shaft - the buffer acts as a buffer when the elevator descends. The selected buffer zone varies according to the running speed of the elevator. At present, the buffer fluid used is more hydraulic. When the elevator descends, it will hit the hydraulic buffer and squeeze the hydraulic oil. The shock absorber absorbs the impact energy, making the hydraulic oil in the buffer reach the temperature rise, thus releasing the energy without causing the car to rebound. This is energy buffer.