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Electrically check the motorcycle lift before use

For the use of machinery such as motorcycle elevators, there are many precautions in the use process. These precautions not only help to improve the safety of use, but also extend the service life of the motorcycle lifting platform. Here, what we are discussing today is the electrical inspection of the motorcycle lift before use.

During the electrical inspection, the first two standard parts of the hoisting equipment must be installed before commissioning. After installing and commissioning a standard section, the following commissioning will be performed.

1. When using the grounding resistance tester to measure the steel structure of the aerial work platform, or using the metal shell of electrical equipment for grounding resistance processing, we should pay attention to the data that the grounding resistance should not exceed, and the grounding resistance will have a more normal use effect when used only within the normal use range.

2. If we use a 500V megger to measure the motor and use the grounding resistance of electrical components, we should also use the normal value. Once the use standard is exceeded, the use of electrical equipment will occur, thus shortening the antenna operation. Life of the lift truck.

3. For the control switch used on the motorcycle lift, when checking, open the door on each car, so that once you touch the rope breaking protection switch, or the upper and lower limit switches and limit switches, you can use them, and the use effect is good. The electrical inspection of the aerial lift shall be correctly checked. Whether the aerial work platform is used before or after use, the normal use of the aerial lift work platform shall be ensured.