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Damaged engine mounts

If the engine bracket is damaged, the engine will vibrate violently during operation, which may cause danger during driving. The engine of the car is fixed on the frame. The engine has a bracket, and the place where the engine is connected to the frame also has a rubber machine foot pad, which can buffer the vibration generated by the engine during operation. If the engine bracket is broken, the engine will not be firmly fixed on the frame, which is very dangerous.
The engine bracket pad is also called the machine foot glue, the scientific name is the engine mount. The main function is to support the engine to distribute the load, because each time the engine is started, there will be a torsional moment, so the installation of rubber feet can balance this force. At the same time, the foot rubber also has the function of shock absorption and supporting the engine. If it is damaged, the direct performance is that the engine vibrates violently, and it may be accompanied by abnormal noise.