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Daily inspection and maintenance are directly related to the service life of the motorcycle lift

For motorcycle lifts, they work outdoors for a long time, exposed to wind, sun and rain. Over time, rust is inevitable. Painting our hydraulic motorcycle lifts can be said to be the main measure at present. For those of us manufacturers, what we should pay attention to before painting is to completely remove the rust on the support rod, the upper shelf, and the hidden bottom frame.

In this regard, the rust removal methods are mechanical rust removal and manual rust removal with rust removers. The use of rust removers is based on chemical principles. The method is very fast and has high rust removal efficiency. But relatively speaking, the use of rust removers The cost of removing rust for the iron plate bracket is higher. Mechanical derusting is a very common method for large steel structures such as steel plates and steel. The rust removal speed is fast, the effect is good, and the cost of rust removal is relatively low. While removing rust, it can also eliminate burrs and debris on the surface, which has a certain beautification effect on the surface. The controllability is high. It needs to be related The staff can do this work carefully and patiently to ensure that the next rust removal work can be done better.

If the oil leakage of the motorcycle lift is not dealt with in time, it will further aggravate the failure of the motorcycle lift. However, most users do not know how to deal with the oil leakage problem by themselves. Now let me tell you that users can use polymer composite materials and curing agents. Block the oil leak first. After the curing agent solidifies, it will generally not leak again.

Let's analyze the cause of the oil leak:

First of all, if the equipment works for a long time, the pump station and cylinder oil should be cooled down. If the equipment meter shows more than 70 degrees Celsius, be sure to stop the equipment. Work after lowering the temperature.

In the production of hydraulic equipment, the rationality of the length of the tubing is very important, and it must conform to its relevant physical characteristics. The experienced purchaser should confirm the manufacturing process of the equipment in advance with the technical personnel of the equipment provider to ensure that the purchased motorcycle lift design is more reasonable. The joints and fittings of the equipment should also ensure that good quality parts are selected.

After the equipment is purchased, the daily inspection and maintenance are directly related to the service life of the equipment. The hydraulic oil should be changed twice a year, and the replacement should be done carefully in accordance with the factory manual of the equipment. If any leakage is found during the inspection, the operation should be stopped and the sealing spare parts attached to the equipment should be replaced first.