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All parts of the motorcycle lift table are divided according to their service life

In recent years, with the rapid development of industry, the application of motorcycle lifting platform in production has become more and more extensive, and the use has gradually increased, which has improved labor productivity and produced significant economic and social benefits. At the same time of large-scale use and large-scale use, a series of technical and management problems are exposed more and more. Some problems cannot be solved in time. The long-term consequences are hidden dangers, dangerous situations and even accidents, which have caused significant losses to people's lives and property safety and negative social impact.
All parts of the motorcycle lift table are divided into permanent parts, durable parts and consumables according to their service life. For life types, it is usually predictable. For example, the box type of aerial work platforms should be targeted for inspection. Services. According to the difficulty of replacement, it can be divided into complex and simple replaceable parts. The wearing parts shall be replaced according to the inspection. Simple and replaceable universal durable parts can be repaired regularly. According to its accuracy, it is divided into precision parts and general parts. High failure rate and complex components can be replaced and repaired.
The errors in the maintenance of motorcycle lifting platform can be divided into two categories, one is the technical measures that lead to errors caused by professional technical errors, and the other is the operational errors caused by the physiological and psychological characteristics of maintenance personnel, such as assembly errors.
Remind everyone that in order to prevent errors, maintenance personnel should have a high professional level and a serious working attitude. Error prevention is a strategy for operators to use technical and management means to integrate the motorcycle lifting platform. In each stage of hydraulic maintenance, errors can be found and improved in time to avoid major errors.